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Blind Spot / Wide Angel Mirrors - Set - Volvo | 3345761-62

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  • Easy to install, no tools necessary
  • Expand your rear view vision 
  • No need to check over your shoulder anymore
  • Includes both left and right side mirrors
  • Mirrors are heated for cars that come with heating option

Product Overview

Horn blasts and sideswipe near misses during lane changes are scary stuff. If you're lucky, all you get is a massive dose of horn before swerving back to your own lane. Where did HE come from? Know everything that is happening around you while you're on the road. These Blind Spot Mirrors are designed to see what your stock units could not. Replacing only the mirror glass, installation is simple.

We have the cure, offering heated Blind Spot mirrors that expand your rear vision to include that guy shadowing your quarter panel. The mirror glass is split: one side has regular flat glass, the other side has a wide angle mirror lens that shows vehicles and other objects not easily seen in a standard side view mirror.

These are easy to install, look good, and make merging with traffic a non-contact sport. Includes both drives and passengers side mirrors. Both mirrors come in their brackets and have installed heating element.

Ready to connect the two heating wires and snap in place (super easy to install - no tools required).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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