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What Is AWE Tuning Exhaust And Why Is It Important?

Posted by Eurosport Tuning on 2021 Sep 22nd

What Is AWE Tuning Exhaust And Why Is It Important?

At EuroSport Tuning, we carry AWE Tuning exhaust systems and components. AWE stands for Air and Water Enterprises, and it's among the best automotive performance brands on the market. And if you're curious why a company once called Air and Water Enterprises makes top-quality performance components for many different brands of automobiles, read on.

What Is An AWE Tuning Exhaust System?

An AWE Tuning exhaust system contains high-quality exhaust components. Our inventory of AWE Tuning exhaust system parts includes (but is not limited to):

  • Conversion kits: Kits designed to help you convert to another AWE Tuning system (for example, the Track Edition to the Touring Edition)
  • Performance link pipes: Direct bolt-on link pipes that increase volume, which boosts performance
  • Cross pipes: Cross over pipes designed to reduce weight and increase power
  • Performance tips: Exhaust tips that will dial up your car's appearance
  • Clean non-baffled exhaust systems: Designed to maximize performance for your street-legal car

AWE Tuning exhaust systems don't include headers or catalytic converters. All AWE Tuning exhaust systems come with the necessary:

  • Bolts
  • Clamps
  • Installation instructions

How Do AWE Tuning Systems Improve Your Car’s Performance?

AWE Tuning is a popular aftermarket brand for exhaust systems that improve performance. European sports car owners made AWE Tuning their #1 choice for many reasons. For instance, AWE Tuning systems:

  • Improve the engine's horsepower
  • Improve the car's torque
  • Enhance the vehicle's appearance
  • Contain only high-quality materials
  • Make the car sound throatier
  • Optimize the flow of the exhaust system
  • Come with exact fitment due to the use of CAD technology

Cross Pattern Technology

A lot of features put AWE Tuning exhaust systems above the others. One of these features is the fact that AWE Tuning uses cross pattern technology.

In AWE Tuning exhaust systems, you'll find two different kinds of cross patterns:

  1. X cross pattern: The X cross pattern creates more power as you go faster. This is achieved because the pattern streamlines the exhaust gases through the rest of the system.
  2. H cross pattern: The H cross pattern allows for more power on the low end (lower RPMS). This also gives your car a throatier sound. It's designed to maintain the backpressure that's needed for torque gains early on.

How Do AWE Tuning Systems Stack Up Against OEM Systems?

An AWE Tuning exhaust system is a big upgrade from an OEM exhaust system for many reasons. Here are a few main reasons:

  • AWE Tuning exhaust systems are 100% stainless steel. That means they're much more resistant to rust than many non-stainless OEM exhaust systems are.
  • AWE Tuning exhaust systems give your car more horsepower and torque.
  • AWE Tuning exhaust systems are much more durable than OEM exhaust systems. That means they'll last longer.

Installing a state-of-the-art AWE Tuning exhaust system on your car will not void your car's factory warranty.

How Easy Is It To Upgrade To An AWE Tuning Exhaust System?

It's very easy to upgrade to an AWE Tuning exhaust system. AWE designs their exhaust systems to factory specs. That means you only have to remove a few bolts, lower the old exhaust system, and then bolt in the new AWE exhaust system. That's all.

Air and Water Enterprises

Todd Sager founded Air and Water Enterprises in 1991. His first shop was a 100 square foot garage in Philadelphia. His automotive interests at the time were focused on the MKII GTI and any air-cooled VW. So he found it only natural to call the company Air and Water Enterprises. At the time, the company repaired VW's, and also installed performance products to improve their performance. Todd has turned a wrench or two. Today the company has grown to 900+ employees, and ships performance products all over the world from Pennsylvania. To learn a little more about a business that still makes everything in America, click here.

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