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6 Audi A4 Mods That Are Perfect For Beginners

Posted by Eurosport Tuning on 2021 Sep 21st

6 Audi A4 Mods That Are Perfect For Beginners

You don’t have to be a seasoned car enthusiast to successfully modify your car. With the right parts, good instructions, and maybe a helping hand or two from a friend, your Audi A4 can be looking and running better than ever.

Audi A4s are some of the most versatile cars out there and, if you’re lucky enough to own one, there are practically limitless modifications if you want to make your car look better, run better, or just be more “you”.

If you’re a beginner to tuning and modification, no worries; Audi A4s are some of the most versatile cars out there and they are perfect for plenty of beginner mods. Here are six cosmetic and performance-boosting mods that will help you ease into the world of car modifications and give you the most bang for your buck.

Cosmetic Mods

1. New Wheels

If you’re looking to accentuate your personality, get your A4 a new set of wheels. With so many different options to choose from, you’re bound to find a set that will transform your Audi’s look in a way that suits your preferences. Want to add a little “oomph” to your Audi? When it comes to picking out new wheels, the possibilities are nearly endless:

  • - You might want this set of silver wheels with sleek U-shaped lines: Part No. F181-1880-44HN+45C730
  • - If silver isn’t your cup of tea, check out this similar set of wheels in matte bronze: Part No.FC04A-1880-44ZM+40C726
  • - Looking for simple and sexy? This set of bold five-line wheels may be a fit: Part No. F185-1880-44SN+35R664
  • - You can even get yourself a set of big 5 spoke wheels like these: Part No. F185-1880-31SN+45C633

2. LED Tail Lights

Not only do LED tail lights drastically enhance your Audi’s look, but they also last longer than stock tail lights and provide faster lighting responses.

3. Mesh Style Grille

If you’re not too crazy about the grille that comes with a stock Audi A4, you can always swap it out. A black mesh style grille adds a sleek European look to your Audi and it’s both affordable and easy to install.

Performance-Boosting Mods

1. Performance Exhaust

Replace your Audi’s stock exhaust pipes with high-quality ones, perhaps with quad tips, and you will free more power in your engine. That translates to higher horsepower and a throatier exhaust sound. Not only that, but most aftermarket performance exhausts are made of high-quality materials that last much longer than stock exhaust systems do.

Looking for some ideas? Check out the following performance exhaust systems specifically made for Audi A4s and see which one(s) you like best:

2. Performance Springs

Who would’ve thought a set of four springs could improve your Audi A4’s performance so drastically? With the right set of springs, you’ll experience:

  • - Better MPG
  • - Quicker stops
  • - Tighter turns
  • - A lower center of gravity
  • - Smoother rides

One set of performance springs will cost you only $300. If you ask us, it’s a pretty good investment.

3. Front Mount Intercooler

The best way to maximize your A4’s power is to add a front mount intercooler. It keeps the incoming air cool by lowering its temperature upon entry, even in extremely hot weather. Because the incoming air is always cool, your Audi is able to maximize its horsepower every time you take it out for a spin.

If you’re shopping around for a front mount cooler, it’s worth checking out EuroSport Tuning because they offer only the highest quality parts at affordable prices.

Share Your A4 Mods!

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