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10 Awesome BMW Wagons

Posted by Eurosport Tuning on 2021 Sep 27th

10 Awesome BMW Wagons

One of the coolest things about Reddit is connecting with others who share your passions. The BMW community is no exception, and they seem to have a fierce love of sharing their wagon builds and beauts. Check out these 10 awesome BMW wagons shared on the /r/BMW subreddit. Which one is your favorite?

1. Single Turbo 335i Wagon

What we have here is a well-built 335i Wagon with a complete VM Motorsports Single Turbo Kit. Topped off with a coat of Plastidip paint, this wagon is ripe for the road.

2. Supercharged E46 Wagon

According to the original poster, it took him 9 months just to find the right 5 speed transmission. The resulting Supercharged E46 Wagon makes us think it was time well spent.

3. 328 M Sport Wagon

Are you big enough BMW fan to drive across state lines for a wagon? That’s what this proud 328M owner did, going from Georgia to Tennessee to secure this black beauty.

4. E91 Wagon

The Alpina Alloy wheels on this E91 may be replicas, but they sure do look good. Extra points for the expert photoshop job by the original poster, who wanted to block out his dad.

5. Baby Blue E39 Wagon

The white Alpina wheels and baby blue paint job make this wagon a street-savvy showstopper.

6. E34 M5 Touring Wagon

According to BMW’s production numbers, just over 800 of these E34 M5 Wagons were produced in 1993. Slick looking and rare!

7. F31 328i M-Sport

Like the original poster says, BMW sport wagons are all party up front, and all business in back. Bonus points for hauling cinder blocks in back.

8. 328i M3 Wagon

This is the result of a 328i Wagon combined with an M3, then supercharged. It has the full M3 drivetrain, suspension, brakes, and interior for a slick and and track-ready look.

9. E46 M3 Wagon

This wagon from Bimmerfest 2016 is freshly painted and retrofitted with e90 seats, full OEM navigation, and a Dinan intake.

10. F31 328i M

This 328i wagon is so slick, if it was a puddle you’d slip and fall in it immediately. Joking aside, we'd get behind the wheel of this wagon any day.

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