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Upgrading Your Audi 3.0T

Posted by Eurosport Tuning on 2022 Oct 11th

Upgrading Your Audi 3.0T

The 3.0T engine that comes in the B8/B8.5 S4, S5, A6, A7, Q5 and SQ5 is a great performance engine tied to some popular and luxurious platforms. Most of the performance potential is thanks to the Eaton TVS Supercharger and the direct injection. As we’re about to tell you, that supercharger makes adding horsepower and torque a breeze when paired with software and hardware upgrades; so let’s get into our recommended upgrade path using IE parts!

Starting Mods

To start off, you’ll want to grab yourself an IE Powerlink and the tuning software that comes with it; you’ll need this because as you upgrade your hardware, the software also needs to be upgraded to pull the most performance out of those new parts!

Stage 1

So you want to make some slight upgrades, but nothing crazy? The IE Stage 1 package is probably gonna be your best bet then; you can run this tune with or without an upgraded IE intake. The tune gives a little bit more performance while also maintaining the stock drivability of the car

The recommended hardware for Stage 1 is:

Stage 2: Single Pulley

So you’re ready for some more power? Well then it’s time to go Stage 2 Single Pulley. This requires a smaller supercharger pulley, which results in an increased supercharger RPM; giving you more airflow and more of that sweet sweet boost! Upgrading to the Stage 2 software is also essential for this, as you will not be able to maximize the hardware upgrade without the software upgrade to match.

The required hardware for Stage 2 Single Pulley is:

The recommended hardware for Stage 2 Single Pulley is:

  • IE DSG Transmission Tune (highly recommended)
  • Heat Exchanger Upgrade
  • IE Cold Air Intake

Stage 2: Double Pulley

So if you want to go and make 534 HP and 520 TQ then the Stage 2: Double Pulley is the right stage for you! Pairing the smaller supercharger pulley with a smaller crank pulley will result in a more aggressive, yet still reliable setup. This will be great for the dragstrip and track, but is also still acceptable for daily driving and getting to work on time; or maybe even early when you’re pushing this much power.

The required hardware for Stage 2 Double Pulley is:

The recommended hardware for Stage 2 Double Pulley is:

  • IE Cold Air Intake

Stage 2: Throttle Body

This is the most aggressive software that IE offers for the 3.0T engine, so if you’re looking for peak power; here it is! Adding the IE Throttle Body Upgrade to the mods already listed will increase airflow as well as horsepower and torque output.

The required hardware for Stage 2 Throttle Body is:

  • IE 3.0T Throttle Body Upgrade
  • IE Supercharger Pulley Upgrade
  • IE Crank Pulley Upgrade
  • IE DSG Transmission Tune
  • Heat Exchanger Upgrade
  • IE Cold Air Intake

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