Center Radiator Kit For Cars With Manual Transmission | ES2575566

ECS Assembled Kit
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Product Overview

Now available, this kit includes all the parts needed to update your Boxster's cooling system to the 3-radiator system used in the Tiptronic models. Includes:

  • Behr center radiator
  • Mounting bracket with bushings, bolts, and speed nuts
  • Air duct for front bumper
  • Intake and return hoses for radiator
  • Front wheel housing liners
  • Two liters of Porsche coolant

Effects are particularly noticeable on cars used at the track, and in warmer climates. Engine temperatures up to 20° F cooler can be achieved with this kit!

*Additional vents need to be cut out of the bottom of the bumper, behind the center radiator, or a Boxster S bumper for a Tiptronic vehicle must be used.*

(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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