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Cooling System Refresh Kit - Level 2 With ECS Billet Aluminum J-Plug

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Includes ECS' upgraded J-plug & replace your thermostat, temp sensors, coolant flange, & expansion tank with one kit!

Product Overview

Replacing cooling system components will ensure a long life for your cooling system. Most of the cooling system components are exposed to very high temperatures and repeated thermal cycling. Heat-hardening causes warping and cracking that leads to coolant loss and possible engine damage from overheating.

This kit includes the ECS Billet Aluminum J-Plug to replace the plastic component that can become brittle over time from exposure to constant temperature changes.  ECS' Billet Aluminum J-Plug is machined 6061 aluminum for a strong yet lightweight plug that will not fatigue, and anodized in black for protection against any future corrosion. The strongest, longest-lasting, best looking solution on the market mated with ECS' Level 2 Cooling System Refresh Kit.

Avoid headaches altogether and replace all problematic items at once to keep your cooling system running efficiently.

Kit includes:

  • ECS Billet Aluminum Coolant J-Plug
  • Thermostat Assembly W/ Integrated Housing & Sensor
  • Updated Green 4-Pin Coolant Temperature Sensor
  • Coolant Expansion Tank W/ Cap
  • Cylinder Head Coolant Flange
  • G13 Coolant 1.5L Bottle - 2
  • Necessary Securing Hardware, Gaskets, O-Rings & Clips


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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