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E34 525i M50 Performance Package | ES4004831

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A comprehensive performance kit comprised of simple upgrades: K&N air filter, Conforti chip, Turner power pulleys, BillyBoat exhaust.

Product Overview

Don't just throw parts at your car and hope for the best - this package contains some of the best bang-for-your-buck upgrades available for the 525i. Your 5 series will sound better, breathe better, and GO better with little effort.?

Intake: K&N's "million mile" reusable air filters have long been the standard for performance air filtration. Flowing better and lasting much longer than paper filters, K&N improves airflow while maintaining protection of your precious engine.

Exhaust: BillyBoat's?cat back exhaust is precision crafted using 100% T304 stainless steel. A smooth uninterrupted exhaust flow is achieved with CNC mandrel bent tubing. Includes dual polished 3" tips.

Chip:?Dyno-tuned by BMW tuning legend Jim Conforti, we include a Conforti chip?designed to make the most of high-octane (91+) pump gas and boost mid-range torque and high-RPM horsepower. To make the most of these improvements, the rev limit is raised, and fuel and spark maps are fine-tuned to make your BMW perform better than it did when it left the factory. There is no downside to installing a Turner Performance Chip - each chip is designed to safely improve performance, while maintaining drive-ability and improving responsiveness. Conforti rates his chips to deliver max gains of 20hp or more.

Pulleys: Designed to reduce power loss from parasitic drag, Turner Motorsport's power pulleys have been tested and shown to deliver up to 11hp of re-gained power, with the added benefit of a faster revving engine with reduced component wear.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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