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E46 325i/Ci Power Pack | ES3980994

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Improve your cars performance with this effective and simple upgrade kit!

For vehicles with production date after 02/2003 with Bosch alternator

Product Overview

The first step in?making your 3 series?the car it was always meant to be, this kit will unlock more power and torque in as little as an afternoon. Included in this kit is a AFE Pro 5R stage 2 air intake system?to let your engine breath better, paired with a Supersprint Performance Muffler for legendary sound. Followed by a set of Turner Motorsport power pulleys to reduce rotating mass of pulley for more power and faster RPM spin up. And finally the Shark Injector performance software tune to take full advantage of the parts in this kit to make maximum power!

This vehicle is for E46's produced from?02/2003?with a Bosch?Alternator.


Intake -?Since 1999, aFe (Advanced FLOW Engineering) has been developing and manufacturing high quality accessories in their facility in Corona, California. Starting with air filters and intake systems, and now expanding into exhaust systems, suspension components, tuning modules, and more, aFe products are a great way to improve the performance of your BMW without altering its fundamental?character.?Owned by a BMW enthusiast,?aFe power is recognized the world over as a leader in quality performance products for your BMW.

Exhaust -?When deciding on the right exhaust?the hardest part is feeling confident in the best?sound mixed with increased performance, this really leaves you to guess based on reputation. Fortunately, Supersprint has the reputation covered when it comes to BMW exhausts. For over 60 years their goal has always been designing and building the highest quality exhaust available. This has been achieved through extensive testing using real race teams to get the best feedback there is to offer, from the ones who demand the best everyday. Extensive dyno testing, high quality materials, and race team feedback are what allow Supersprint to extract the power from your engine, not just the noise.

Pulley Kit-?Underdrive Power Pulleys work to 'free up' horsepower. Any accessory that spins from the main drive belt is using up power. That's power that could otherwise be used to move the car. By giving some of that power back to the engine, you can make the car faster!

Software Tune-?If you're looking for the easiest way to add power and torque to your BMW, a Shark Injector is answer to your prayers. Dyno-tuned by BMW tuning legend Jim Conforti, this software?are designed to make the most of high-octane (91+) pump gas and boost mid-range torque and high-RPM horsepower. To make the most of these improvements, the rev limit is raised, and fuel and spark maps are fine-tuned to make your BMW perform better than it did when it left the factory. There is no downside to installing a Shark Injector -?it's specially?designed to safely improve performance, while maintaining driveability and improving responsiveness. All units are shipped with detailed instructions and are typically installed in an hour - a true plug-and-play performance solution.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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