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ECS Heavy Duty Rear Shock Mounts - With Install Hardware | ES4004943

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Product Overview

The ECS Heavy Duty Rear?Shock Mount Kit offers significant performance to your vehicle's handling and long term durability as compared to stock shock mounts. With the increased durometer over the squishy, OEM 75A durometer shock?mounts, the ECS void-free 85A durometer rubber shock mounts will better resist deflection and premature wear?that commonly plagues the OE mounts?without sacrificing ride comfort. This is a must have if you are installing sport springs,?coilovers or when replacing rear shocks.

OEM shock mounts are known to wear within 100k miles, typically associated with annoying pop and ?rattles?as the vehicle goes over bumps and uneven terrain. The ECS Heavy Duty Rear Shock Mounts are made to last, with their higher?durometer over stock and precision?to OE tolerances.

The shock mount bodies are made of high quality cast aluminum and feature a black powdercoated finish for excellent corrosion resistance over the OEM mounts.

Our HD Rear Shock Mounts were subjected to rigorous on and off the car testing. Through a very lengthy development process with?tens-of-thousands of testing miles,?several design revisions and many prototypes tested, our In-House Engineering Team perfected the Heavy Duty shock mount design to offer real world benefits to make this a complete solution to the common-failing mounts of the MK5/MK6?platform (and similar) vehicles. ?


The?ECS Heavy Duty Rubber Rear Shock Mount Kit includes the following:

  • ECS Heavy Duty Rubber Rear Shock Mounts - QTY 2
  • Shock Mount Dust Caps - QTY 2
  • Lower Shock Mounting Bolt - QTY 2
  • Lower Shock Mounting Nuts?- QTY 2
  • Upper Shock Mount Bolts - QTY 4

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