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ECS Turbo Blanket & Downpipe Wrap Kit

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Keep engine bay temps under control while decreasing turbo lag

Product Overview

    Maximize efficiency, reduce turbo lag and keep underhood temps down! That's exactly what you'll get with our in house ECS Turbo Blanket and Downpipe Wrap Kit for all OEM MK7 1.8T/2.0T Gen3 turbochargers! 

The sole purpose of insulating the hot downpipe and turbine housing (exhaust driven impeller) of your turbocharger is to contain the massive amounts of radiant heat that is expelled by the super hot exhaust gasses within. By containing the heat within the turbine housing, overall engine efficiency is improved and component life can be extended on other nearby parts.

Expect lower intake air temps than before as the associated induction parts are no longer being heat soaked to such a high degree by the hot turbocharger. 

Turbocharger response time is also improved (less turbo lag) as the heat energy is contained within the turbine housing. By containing all the heat energy within the turbine housing, this creates more pressure, more pressure is more energy, more energy available to spin the turbocharger faster in the lower RPM range! 

The ECS Turbo Blanket is made right here in the U.S.A. by a world leader in turbo blanket technologies and manufacturing. The exterior layer is crafted from heat treated fiberglass, then bonded with molten aluminum and then molded into a tight weave per our specifications for added resiliency.  The inner layer is made from a high temperature resistant Silica that is good for temps up to 1,350° F!

Stainless steel mounting anchors along with the included stainless steel wire tie secure the turbo blanket assembly in to position for long lasting, durable operation. Constructed in to two pieces to aid in installation, simply follow our handy Turbo Blanket Online Installation Tutorial for accurate step-by-step instructions. 

Prosport's easy to install fiberglass high temperature heat wrap insulates the downpipe for even further thermal management. Easy to install with flexible material and high heat characteristics, this is the ideal material for insulating your downpipe from expelling massive amounts of heat into your engine bay! 

  • 2" wide x 1/16" thick
  • Durable, tightly woven, 100% fiberglass
  • Each roll comes with 5 FREE, 14" long stainless steel zip ties



  • Once installed and then exposed to several heat cycles, it is NOT recommended to be removed and reinstalled as the material sets and takes form. The blanket can become damaged if it is removed and reinstalled after being exposed to engine heat. 
  • Need safety wire pliers to make your installation a breeze? Check out ES3102852 to ease your install!
  • Turbocharger shown for reference only, it is not included in this part


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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