Front Sway Bar Installation Kit | ES2784766

ECS Assembled Kit
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Front Sway Bar Installation Kit | ES2784766
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The sway bar in your vehicle connects both of the lower control arms together. During cornering, the wheel on the inside tends to want to roll under. The sway bar acts as a spring and keeps this from happening.   One of the most important connections in this system is the sway bar bushings. If they are soft or worn, some of that energy going to the other side is lost from too much sway bar flex or bushing give. To keep everything tight and responsive, it's best to replace your bushings.  This kit from ECS tuning includes everything you need to make replacing your sway bar bushings easy.  
  • Front sway bar bushings (for 21mm sway bar)
  • Sway bar bushing brackets
  • Sway bar bracket bolts (25 Nm)
  • Subframe to body bolts (100 Nm + 90º)
  • Coupling rod to stabilizer bar nuts (15 Nm + 90º)
  • Pendulum support to transmission bolts (50 Nm)
  • Steering gear to subframe bolts (20 Nm + 90º)
  • Steering shaft universal joint to steering rack bolt (30 Nm)
  • Ball joint retaining nuts (75 Nm)

(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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