Fuel Efficiency Kit | ES248491

ECS Assembled Kit
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Product Overview

The ECS Tuning Stage 1 Efficiency Kit contains everything that you need to get your vehicle the gas mileage that you can only remember.

Over time, small components within the ignition and intake system begin to wear out and fail. As a result, gas mileage suffers. Some think that this is just the consequence of having a higher mileage engine in your vehicle. You don't have to live with or pay for your depleted gas mileage any longer.

This kit includes all of those components. Spark plugs, MAF, and air filter will get your vehicle's MPG back up where they used to be with a little bit of time and tools. This kit allows air to flow freely into your engine, be measured properly, then get burned completely. The perfect recipe for better fuel efficiency.

(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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