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Heated Blind Spot Mirror - Right | ES2862773

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Replacement blue tinted mirror glass to allow you to see everything around you

Not for vehicles equipped with Blind Spot Monitoring

Product Overview

Horn blasts and sideswipe near misses during lane changes are scary stuff. If you're lucky, all you get is a massive dose of horn before swerving back to your own lane. Where did HE come from?

We have the answer: Blind Spot Mirrors.

ECS proudly offers our own line of direct-fit, blue tinted mirror glass sets, complete with heating elements. They snap in place; no special tools or hardware needed.

Installation Tips: Removal of the stock mirrors is simple; push the bottom of the whole mirror inside the mirror housing, get behind the top of the mirror and carefully and slowly (as not to shatter the mirror) pull the top half of the mirror loose. Once unclipped, the bottom half will easily follow.

Once installed, merging with traffic will be a non-contact sport!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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