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HID Kit - H11 10000K

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Advantages of EMD HID Kits:

Saves Power: HID lights consume only 35W of electricity making them over 3 times more efficient than traditional halogen bulbs.
Longer Life : The EMD HID Kit lasts over 4,000 hours over 8 times more than OEM halogen bulbs. All EMD HID kits have 1 year warranty!
Safety : EMD HID bulbs have an increased brightness of 300% (over traditional halogen bulbs) adding an extra margin of safety.
Appearance : Attractive, the HID Kit produces comfortable light which is very close to the natural light emitted by the sun. It makes everything easier to see at night.

Product Overview

EMD High Quality HID Retro Fit Lighting Kits

As you properly know there are thousands of different HID kits on the market.  How do you pick which kit is the best value?  Simple, EMD HID retro fit kits are manufactured under strict quality standards using only high quality components.  The ballast and the burner in these kits have passed the most stringent OEM specific test.   EMD HID kits provide consistent color quality, excellent reliability and lowest defect rates in the industry.

The EMD HID retrofit kits are designed to replace any standard halogen light bulb in ANY vehicle with a REAL HID bulb. These may be used to either upgrade your fog lights to HID or to upgrade your halogen headlights to HID.  The EMD HID retro fit kits are available in H1, H3, H7, H11, 9004, 9005, 9006 bulb types and each bulb type is available with different Kelvin rated light bulbs from 4300K to 12,000K. Each kit consists of:

  • 2 Slim HID ballast (measurements - 60mm X 68mm X 12mm)
  • HID Bulbs
  • Hardware (Tie Straps, plugs, connectors, etc)
  • 3M Double side tape to mount HID ballast

Replacement Parts: We also offer individual replacement parts if required!  With most other kits on the market if you ever have a ballast or bulb go bad you basically have to purchase a complete new kit.  EMD offers a complete replacement program if you ever need an individual component be it a new light bulb, ballast or any other component.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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