Lightweight Tubular Adjustable 32mm Front Anti-Roll Bar for BMW 1M E82 | Performance parts and accessories for Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Mini, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Volvo

Lightweight Tubular Adjustable 32mm Front Anti-Roll Bar for BMW 1M E82

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Add a adjustable Front AntiRoll Bar?to reduce body roll, improve grip and stability while saving weight at the same time.

Product Overview

Add a Lightweight Tubular Adjustable Front Anti-Roll Bar to reduce body roll, improve grip?and stability while saving weight at the same time.? The Lightweight Tubular Adjustable Front Anti-Roll Bar is 42% lighter than a solid anti-roll bar of comparable stiffness. This anti-roll bar is adjustable from 50% to 90% stiffer than the stock bar. This 3?hole bar can be mounted?in 5?different positions with supplied?end links that are left and right hand threaded for easy length adjustment.

Almost all street cars come from the manufacturer with an anti-roll bar as it is a common part of modern suspension systems. However they are designed to be overly soft for maximum comfort. An anti-roll bar does exactly what it says by reducing body roll in all situations. Every Dinan tuned anti-roll bar is built and tuned specifically for each BMW chassis. Lowering the amount of body roll keeps your BMW more level than stock (while still allowing just enough body roll) to improve mechanical grip. This improvement gives the driver a much more planted and confident feeling in every corner. This Lightweight Tubular Adjustable Front Anti-Roll Bar may be added to the Stage 1 Suspension System for those who wish to build their high performance suspension in phases.

Benefits of the Dinan Lightweight Tubular Adjustable Front Anti-Roll Bar:

+ Less Body Roll
+ More Mechanical Grip
+ More Stable At Limit
+ Large 32mm size
+ 3?hole bar with 5?possible positions on bar & adjustable length end links
+ Lightweight ? 42% lighter than a solid anti-roll bar of comparable stiffness
+ Only tubular anti-roll bar with a large range of adjustment on the market
+ Tubular (Hollow) Construction

Includes: Lightweight Tubular Adjustable Front Anti-Roll Bar, Urethane Bushings, Heavy Duty Brackets, Adjustable Length End Links.

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Lower Control Arm Monoball Kit (D280-0008): The Dinan? Monoball Kit provides responsiveness you can feel by replacing the rubber bushings in the thrust arms with precision ball joints and machined aluminum housings. Improves responsiveness by eliminating the deflection inherent in the stock rubber bushings while also reducing brake shimmy. The quietest bearings on the market are virtually noise free so you can live with them every day. These are the only bearings on the market that are sealed using a rubber boot to keep out dirt and road grime stopping them form wearing out prematurely.

What is the difference between an anti-roll bar and a sway bar?
Nothing. It is common for enthusiasts to drop the "anti" when talking about roll or sway bars.

Doesn't a stiffer bar limit more body roll?
Yes, however this can be taken too far. A bar that is too stiff will limit body roll too much so that not enough weight is transferred to the outside wheels to add to mechanical traction. Beware of the overly stiff anti-roll bars sold in the aftermarket.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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