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Lightweight Underdrive Pulley Kit - Black

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Bolt on way to reclaim lost horsepower

Product Overview

As most auto enthusiasts know, if you can reduce the amount of effort your engine takes to spin accessories, some extra horsepower is freed and makes it's way to your wheels. This reduction in rotational mass allows your engine to turn the wheels, not heavy pulleys. Replace your heavy stock pulleys with these high quality replacements from ECS Tuning.

ECS Tuning is dedicated to bringing you cost effective, high quality aftermarket parts for your vehicle. These pulleys are no exception. Machined from billet aluminum, these pulleys are lightweight but still extremely strong. Anodized finish resists harsh weather and road salt to provide years of reliable service. A simple bolt on replacement, you can have your engine turning easier with just an afternoon of turning wrenches. Smaller accessory pulleys mean your engine doesn't have to work as hard to turn your alternator, water pump, etc. which translates to that lost power making it's way to the road. Increases in horsepower, acceleration, and spool up times can be expected. No need for a new belt, as the stock belt length is fine.

Available in black or silver, it's the perfect, low cost modification that will translate into a better pedal feel in your vehicle.

ECS kit comes with the following components:

  • ECS "Quick Spool" Pulley
  • OEM crank bolts (6)
  • Accessory Drive Belt

Weighing in at just under 300 grams, this lightweight pulley is nearly 6 times lighter than the OEM counterpart.

* This kit is designed for the FSI engine only. This can easily be found on the engine cover of your 2.0T VW/Audi. It will clearly be stamped FSI (not TFSI).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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