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Mishimoto Intercoolers - Kits - MMB-F80-PPCSS

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With a stylish new look, our new design fits perfectly, both in terms of installation and aesthetic, in the M3 and M4’s engine bay. Available in 12 BMW-specific colors, your go-fast parts in the engine bay can now match the exterior beauty of your F8X. The beauty is more than just skin deep too. Our improved core design features a bar-and-plate core with a 29% increase in core volume, as well as a unique single-pass coolant flow layout for optimal heat transfer. Combined with our 16% increase in flow through the core we were able to record a 12°F temperature drop in intake air temperatures while testing our full Power Pack. An air-to-water intercooling system wouldn’t be complete without the heat exchanger. When it came to BMW’s design, it was a solid foundation, but we still saw room to grow, literally. Our full aluminum design added 6” to the height of the core equating in a 180% increase in external fin surface area, and a 60% increase in core volume. With our heat exchanger in the S55’s system we recorded a 10 degree F drop in global intercooler coolant temperatures, and an average gain of 11 whp and 8 wtq when the full Mishimoto 2015-2020 BMW F8X Performance Intercooler Power Pack was tested on our stage 1 tuned M3. For added security, we made sure to include our optional steel mesh stone guard with the Mishimoto Performance Heat exchanger to keep all of the tubes and fins intact. We also utilized a variable fin pitch on our heat exchanger’s core for optimal cooling on DCT equipped vehicles. Where the F8X generation of the M3, M4 and M2 Competition were designed to pull ahead of the rest, there were still somethings that were left to be desired in terms on intercooling. The Mishimoto 2015-2020 BMW F8X M3/M4 Performance Intercooler Power Pack is the perfect companion for your build, and like all of our products, is covered under the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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