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Oil Cooler Seal Kit - Level 2

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Includes all seals and hardware required to reseal your oil cooler - Includes oil filter

Product Overview

The lubrication system on your Mercedes-Benz is engineered to be as effective and efficient as possible. The oil not only needs to flow through the engine, it also needs to be kept clean and cool.

One of the components that helps with this is the engine oil cooler. The oil cooler is used to lower the temperature of the engine oil to prevent the engine oil from losing its protection and lubrication characteristics due to being over heated.

There are several gaskets and seals on the oil cooler which are used to seal the gaps between the cooler housing and the engine. Since these gaskets are exposed to so much heat and oil, over time they will become brittle and crack, leading to oil leaks.

If you have noticed oil leaks coming from behind the oil cooler, chances are that these gaskets and seals have failed and needs to be replaced. This kit includes everything you need to replace the gaskets and seals, hardware and oil filter on your Mercedes-Benz. Click the “Kit Contents” tab to see what is included in this kit.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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