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OSIR S Frame A4 B8 Carbon Fiber Fiber (2 Pieces)

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OSIR S Frame A4 B8 Carbon Fiber Fiber
OSIR S Frame A4 B8 Carbon Fiber Fiber
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OSIR Design replacement board computer trim for Audi A4 / S4 B8. Vacuum infused premium carbon fiber with a high gloss finish.

  • Available with matt silver air vent rim or black air vent rim to match your need
  • Matt Silver air vent rim will let you match the S4 and S-Line interior perfectly
  • Black air vent rim will match the 2.0T model A4 interior
  • Easy install with perfect fitment. (Simply remove the factory back plastic bracket and glue it back onto the S Frame)
  • Precise air vent bracket and emergency light switch bracket for perfect installation

Product Overview

OSIR Design parts are different from all others on the market. These parts are made by true carbon fiber craftsmen and are made from only top quality materials using the best production methods. There is a very consistent weave on these parts combined with professional clear coating, free of drips or blobs.

Don't be fooled by cheaper made imitations which may have inferior craftsmanship - Remember, with carbon fiber, the quality you get is exactly what you pay for! These are premium accessories for your premium automobile.

We pride ourselves in our ability to bring you the best quality parts, so we purchase only from companies that are capable of making great quality carbon fiber products. Due to the nature of carbon fiber and the difficulty and limitations of the manufacturing methods associated with its production, it is rarely possible to have a PERFECT item made from carbon fiber. During our quality inspection process, we reject any piece that has more than two minor defects per square foot of surface area. A minor defect may include a small wave or divot in the clear coat, small interruption in the carbon weave pattern, small gaps in between carbon threads, etc.

Depending on the shape of the product, including sharp curves, angles, etc., it may be impossible to lay the carbon without distortion/interruption to the pattern. In this case, even though it may appear as if there is a flaw, it is actually part of the design and is present on every CF item. We will not be able to accept returns because of these minor defects.

OSIR Designed is well known for their high quality Carbon Fiber interior and exterior accessories. The quality of their product is so good that even VW North America Chief Designer Derek Jenkins has OSIR Design products on his personal Volkswagen. OSIR Design is also well know from its R GTI which they helped VW North America build for the SEMA show.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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