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Rear Differential Mount, Delrin, Audi Small Chassis B2/B3 Audi UrQuattro/4000/80/90/Coupe Quattro

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034Motorsport's Delrin Rear Differential Mount Upgrade for Small Chassis Audi vehicles is designed to replace the soft, failure-prone rubber rear differential mount that these cars came with from the factory. Manufactured from high-quality Delrin, this mount drastically reduces unwanted drivetrain lash and ensures that the rear differential is locked down, even in high-horsepower, boosted applications. The result is an overwhelmingly positive transformation when launching, driving in conditions with variations in traction, and making changes in throttle input during corner entry and exit.

Product Overview

Delrin rear diff mount using high density black Delrin, tight interference fit into stock aluminum mount housing, snug fit into subframe bracket, the ultimate rigidity in the rear diff mounting. New improved design with steel center for more secure installation.

Use in conjunction with Density Line Motor Mounts, turn drivetrain bind into forward thrust and acceleration, quicken throttle inputs and keep your drivetrain from banging around in its mountings.

Also, unlike some other mounts on the market, keeps the proper alignment and position of the stock diff, off-center. Fits all small chassis quattro cars such as Urq, 4kq, 80/90/Coupe Quattro, etc.

Price includes new hardware for mounting. Requires removal of stock rubber bonded mount (by pressing, cutting, torching and stiff cursing), then joyfully push in the 034 Delrin mounts.

** NOTE - Audi made rear diff mount housings in two sizes, this mount is a press fit for the larger housing, smaller housings will be .5mm in diameter too small and will need to be clearanced with a sanding drum or roll. There is no way to identify which housing is which w/o measuring the housing once the stock bushing has been pressed out.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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