RICA i-Softloader & Stage 1 ECU Upgrade | RICA-B8444S

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RICA i-Softloader & Stage 1 ECU Upgrade | RICA-B8444S
RICA i-Softloader & Stage 1 ECU Upgrade | RICA-B8444S
RICA i-Softloader & Stage 1 ECU Upgrade | RICA-B8444S
RICA i-Softloader & Stage 1 ECU Upgrade | RICA-B8444S
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Product Overview


Give your car an extra performance boost with the press of a button!

  • Easy to use hand-held programmer allows you to tune your Volvo by yourself via the OBD2 diagnostics port, with a simple press of a button!
  • 100% Volvo dealer service compliant! Retain any future Volvo software updates after routine servicing or recall work.
  • Stores both performance RICA software and standard Volvo software inside the i-Softloader. Quickly and easily revert the car back to standard prior to taking it for a service at your dealer!
  • Excellent value for money - the dollar per HP gain cannot be beat!

The new RICA i-Softloader is a handheld programming device which allows you to program your Volvo with RICA software by yourself! Designed and developed entirely in-house by RICA Engineering, the i-Softloader brings RICA ECM upgrades to everyone everywhere!

The RICA i-Softloader does not require a laptop whilst programming the car which means you don't need to carry a laptop around if you want to change the software tuning in the ECM. With the RICA i-Softloader Sync program installed on your desktop computer you can download any file you have purchased to the i-Softloader device and then upload it to your car. This is done from any computer connected to the internet using a standard USB cable and special sync software.

 If you own more than one Volvo, your RICA i-Softloader can be used to program more than one car. You don't need a seperate i-Softloader for each car - simply purchase the RICA tune software for each of your other cars and download them to the i-Softloader as required. The i-Softloader has built in error checks to ensure you can only program a car with the correct software.


Benefits of the i-Softloader:

  1. Now you do not have to be without a car for 3-4 days while you ship your ECU away to be programmed and hope that the shipping company does not lose your package!
  2. Software upgrades/updates are available which you can download into the i-softloader system via your home computer. Other company may require that you remove the computer and ship it to them again for upgrades/updates.
  3. Allows you to flash your cars stock program back into the ECU when you have to bring your vehicle in to the dealer for warranty work.
  4. Different stage programs available to match the parts installed on your vehicle.
  5. Highest hp and torque gains on most models plus the largest selection of stage programs available from any Volvo tuner in North America.

 RICA engineering has more than 20 years of experience with performance tuning of nearly every car. This ensures quality and functionality in every RICA product. As a result RICA is among the very best in the world when it comes to engine tuning, and our own RICA ECU upgrade is no exception. Optimizing the engine control unit will enhance the power output and refine the driving characteristics of the car. RICA offers professional tuning services giving cars more power and increased torque without any negative effect on the environment. Whether you drive a German, Swedish or North American automobile RICA has a solution that will fit your car.

RICA has one of the most experienced teams of engineers in the tuning business and have invested heavily in the latest technical equipment to ensure their products are amongst the best on the market.


How it works:

The RICA i-Softloader System allows you to switch between standard ECU software and RICA performance software with the touch of a button. You can also revert back to the standard software program in minutes, whenever you wish. RICA performance software is easily downloaded over the Internet. Once you have ordered the i-Softloader online you will recieve an email requesting the information that we require from your vehicle to select the correct tune file required for your car. Then the i-Softloader will be shipped to you and the follow steps are required to tune your Volvo:

Step 1: Read ECU
Step 2: Modify Software
Step 3: Program ECU
The first step is to read the original software from the ECU via the OBD2 diagnostics port. This can take anywhere from 0-8 hours (we recommend placing the car on a battery charger).  Once the original software is read from the ECU, it then must be uploaded to RICA for modification.

Once RICA receives the original software, it is modified by a qualified software engineer. The tuned software file normally takes 24 hours to create. Once completed, the modified software is made available for download to the i-Softloader.

The i-Softloader is then plugged into the OBD2 port and the tune file from RICA it uploaded the the vehicles ECU. After the programming is complete, the car should be test driven to ensure that it is performing correctly and that no DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) are present.



1. Can i use my i-Softloader in more than one car?
The i-Softloader can be used on more then one Volvo unlike the competitions PPC unit which "marries" itself to the car it's programmed to. The PPC system can't unlock or reprogram to run in another car. Tune files for additional Volvo models range in price from $695 to $795 depending on the year, model and engine of the vehicle.

2. Customized Software?
RICA does offer customized software to fit other parts mounted. If there is not a file already developed then data from a dyno run can be set to us to have a custom file created. The cost of custom files start at $200 USD depending on what is required..

3. Fuel: What about the fuel consumption after i-Softloader tuning?

This depends on your driving habits. If you are using the extra power from the i-Softloader upgrade you will use a lot more gas. If you are making more power you are going to be using more fuel. But during normal cruising fuel economy will usually be the same as stock or even improved. Optimized software in the ECU means that you will get more power and less fuel consumption in general.

4. Gearbox: Does it matter if my car has manual or automatic transmission?
The upgraded software is very well adapted to the existing type of transmission. This is done to avoid trouble and provide the best performance (acceleration) and drivability.

5. Other parts: Can I exchange some parts on the engine?
It's very important that the software is adapted to the hardware that's assembled on your car to avoid trouble. We strongly advice you from exchange some parts that is not included in our upgrade, like a Dump valve, Bigger downpipe, different Turbocharger etc if they are not part of our stage upgrade package.

6. Service: Can my garage & technician see that my car has been tuned?
Your local garage normally doesn’t have the skill or equipment to read out files from the ECU, to do this they have to send over the ECU to Bosch or the car manufacturer. The i-Softloader doesn't in any way affect the ordinary service performed by your dealer.

7. What about the "Wear and Tear"?
It's how you drive and look after your car (service intervals etc) that affect the durability the most.

8. How does the i-Softloader Tuning System know that it is upgrading the correct car?
Safety checks are performed to verify that the car has the expected software before the actual upgrade starts.

9. What do I do if the current software in my car does not match what i-Softloader Tuning System expects?
When the safety check fails the system offers the ability to read your cars current settings. This information can then be transmitted to RICA by connecting the i-Softloader to an Internet connected PC. Our developers will then analyze your cars settings and create a new upgrade. The new customizes upgrade can then be loaded into the i-Softloader and installed in your car.

10. How does i-Softloader communicate with my home computer?
By USB serial port available on most Windows based computers.

11. Can I use i-Softloader if my cars ECU already have an upgrade?
Your cars ECU have to be returned to original configuration to be able to use i-Softloader.

12. How can I access the latest version of the upgrade for my car?
If RICA develops an enhanced version of a tuning program for your car we will notify our customers via e-mail and also provide instructions on how to download this new information into the i-Softloader using a home computer with Internet connection. Enhanced versions of same "Stage" software will be provided at no charge.

13. What is included?
The i-Softloader is shipped with all the cables needed to upgrade your car as well as cables to connect it to a computer for future upgrades

14. Can I start with Stage 1 and later upgrade?
If you start with Stage 1 and later decide to go to Stage 2 (for models with upgraded exhaust) we will provide an upgrade for an additional cost of $200 USD for your i-Softloader. Upgrade to Stage 3 (turbo upgrade) is $400 USD.

15. How do I get support?
EuroSport Tuning provides complete support you if you need assistance with the using the i-Softloader.

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