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Sport Replacement Drop In Filter - ALLROAD

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Sport Replacement Drop In Filter - ALLROAD
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Product Overview

JR Sport Replacement Filters!

If you think all performance replacement filters are the same think again. When we comparing our performance filters to major competitors the difference was striking. JR air filters are engineered to produce extremely high flow rates, maximum filtration and long filter life. The JR filter is the only filter that has been proven to protect your engine against particles as small as 2.8 microns. They are washable and reusable to maintain efficiency even when used.

JR high performance, high flow OE air filters replaces the restrictive factory paper filter and lets your engine breathe better. Paper filters do a good job in keeping dirt out but can clogged easily so that it needs to be replaced frequently. Foam filters also clogs easily. A washable/reusable, cotton gauze filter like JR filters allow more airflow and are washable and reusable.

Overall the following characteristics set JR filters apart from competition:

- Deeper pleats provide more surface area to increase air flow and cleaning. For each application engineers calculate pleat depth vs. airflow ratio to provide the most airflow.

- Advanced rubber compound provides better sealing and more surface area for unparalleled filtration and performance. Another benefit from this advanced rubber compound is less bleeding into the cotton during the manufacturing process which results in as much as 10% better air flow then competitors products. More air means more horsepower potential.

 - "U" shape pleats. If the pleats are zig zag shape airflow dies at the tip of pleats. JR Filters uses "U" shape to capture all the air entering the filter. See the rounded tips like a dolphin's nose. Others are more triangular and pointed. This rounded design allows the air to flow more efficiently around the tops of the pleats. Not only that, because it is rounded, the pleats aren't tightly pinched and let's air flow through the tops and bottom of the pleats. These features allow JR filters to breathe better.

- Precision layering of cotton produces highly consistent filtration rates. JR air filters use four layers of 100% surgical cotton gauze, similar to many other filters on the market. However, the use of modern methods of layering material deniers makes our filters significantly more efficient and consistent throughout the production. This is in contrast to competitors who use old technology, feeding cotton layers separately into the pleating machine which creates inconsistency between production batches.

- Unique galvanized steel mesh construction provides unequal durability and flexibility. JR filters use a galvanized steel blue plastic-coated mesh which provides a stronger, more durable filter which is less susceptible to damage. Our competitors use black painted aluminum that can easily damage during installation.

All JR filters are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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