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Standard Timing Chain Kit | ES1306743

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Timing chain kit, including updated upper chain tensioner and rail

Product Overview

VW considers the timing chains on the VR6 to be a lifetime item, that doesn't need to be replaced. However, enthusiasts tend to know a little better. The first questioned asked when looking for a VR car for sale is “Do you know when the chains were done?” Any VR owner knows that if the chains are not maintained and timing service done, headaches can be expected in the future.

With no service interval to go by, you need to pay attention to the chains. The first symptom is noise in the timing system. The chains slap around because of worn tensioners and guides. The common sound is “marbles in a can.” Failed guides can cause the chains to jump, skip a tooth and potentially snap. Because the VR6 is an interference engine, a snapped chain or one that has jumped a tooth means that valves can contact the pistons and cause catastrophic engine failure.

The experts at ECS Tuning have assembled a kit for you to take care of this common issue.

This kit includes the following items:

  • Timing Chain - Lower

  • Timing Chain - Single Row Upper

  • Timing Chain Tensioner Rail - Lower Chain

  • Timing Chain Guide Rail - Lower Chain

  • Timing Chain Tensioner Rail-Upper (Updated Style)

  • Timing Chain Guide Rail - Upper (Updated Style)

  • Timing Chain Tensioner - Upper Chain


**Upper timing chain comes without master link installed, purchase of a master link tool may be necessary.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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