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Thermostat Replacement Kit

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Includes new thermostat, j-plug, o-ring, and hardware

Product Overview

The thermostat on your vehicle controls the flow of coolant based on temperature. When you just start your engine, the thermostat remains closed to accelerate the warm up process. After reaching operating temperature, it opens up to allow the coolant to flow through. If the thermostat gets stuck closed, it allows no fluid to flow and ends up overheating the coolant already in the engine. When it's time to do a thermostat replacement on your vehicle, it makes it much easier if you have everything that you need before you get started. This kit, assembled by ECS, includes everything you need to complete your thermostat service.

Kit includes the following:

  • Hamburg Technic Thermostat Assembly - Includes housing, gaskets and sensor
  • Coolant 'J' Plug
  • Water Tube O-Ring
  • Necessary Hardware

During your thermostat change, fluid loss is inevitable. Be sure to browse the website to get the proper replacement for your vehicle sent directly to your door.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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