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Timing Chain Kit | ES2581918

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Everything you need to do a complete timing chain service using high quality aftermarket components

Product Overview

Your BMW has an interference engine, which means if the timing chain were to fail for any reason, you would have catastrophic engine damage due to valve to piston contact. Over time the timing chain will start to wear and stretch, potentially causing it to skip timing or just completely fail. Also, the timing tensioners themselves could fail! Early symptoms of timing chain wear include front end noise not associated with VANOS, or slapping noises coming from the timing cover.

ECS Tuning has created the perfect solution for you. Everything you need to service your timing chain is included, down to the last bolt. Installation may require the use of specialty tools. ECSTuning has the tools you need. These tools can be found in the timing section under engine.

This kit includes:

  • 6 Bosch high power spark plugs
  • Genuine BMW timing sproket wheel
  • 6 Genuine BMW crank pulley bolts
  • Genuine BMW center bolt for crankshaft
  • Febi chain tensioner with gasket
  • Continental accessory belt
  • Febi accessory belt tensioner
  • INA idler pulley with hardware
  • Febi timing chain guide rail and tensioner
  • Genuine BMW timing chain slide rail
  • Genuine BMW bearing bolt
  • IWIS timing chain
  • Victor Reinz valve cover gasket
  • Victor Reinz front crankshaft seal
  • 7 quarts of Genuine BMW synthetic engine oil and a Mann oil filter
  • 1 gal Genuine BMW coolant


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