Turner BMW 10mm Front Wheel Spacer and Hub Extender Kit - Black | ES3612181 | Performance parts and accessories for Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Mini, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Volvo

Turner BMW 10mm Front Wheel Spacer and Hub Extender Kit - Black | ES3612181

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Safely install 10mm spacers by extending the surface area of your hub

Product Overview

BMW wheels are hub-centric, meaning that the wheel uses the wheel hub to properly center itself. Most larger wheel spacers use an integrated hub extender?that allows for proper wheel fitment, but spacers 10mm and smaller can not and simply take away surface area for the wheel to locate itself on the hub. Turner Motorsport has come up with an ingenious solution to keep you safe while perfecting your fitment.?

These hub extenders simply install in place instead of your factory dust covers and provide a safe mounting surface for your wheels.?Turner Motorsport has spent the last two decades striving for ultimate performance on the racetrack, and transferring the knowledge gained from winning races onto the street. Their line of BMW performance parts combines, high quality, great value, and most importantly, superior performance?that will allow you to dial in your ride to suit your driving style and allow?your BMW to live up to its full potential.


  • Lightweight - excess material is removed to reduce unsprung weight while preserving strength
  • Ingenious notch for easy removal, even on heavily corroded wheels
  • Made to exacting specifications for great fitment
  • Manufactured in the USA

Turner Hub Extender Features --

  • ?hub extension makes flat spacers a true hubcentric fitment
  • ?precise tolerance fitment thanks to CAD process and CNC mill machine
  • ?aerospace grade aluminum ?light weight but very strong with a high resistance to corrosion
  • ?additional military-spec hardcoat for further corrosion resistance
  • ?stealthy black color with laser engrave Turner logo
  • ?Turner Motorsport track and street tested!
  • ?Made in the USA

Wheel Limitations.?Special consideration needs to be taken since wheel design and manufacture differ from brand to brand. The key dimension is the dept of the center bore. Some wheels won't work with larger spacers and a Hub Extender because of the additional protrusion into the center bore. Please measure your wheel to make sure it can accommodate an extra 2.5-5mm of hub extending into the center bore.?

Hub Limitations.?BMW has multiple hub designs but not all are compatible with our Hub Extenders. The inside lip of the hub must be flat and smooth for at least 13mm (the depth our Extender fits into the hub). Some BMW hubs have a bowl shape or have tapered inside walls which will prevent the Hub Extender from seating all the way. Remove the hub dust cap to check before opening your Turner Hub Extenders.

Note: Your factory wheel bolts are typically 25mm?in length. To safely install wheel spacers, be sure to select wheel bolts that are longer than stock by the correct amount. Wheel bolts that are too long may interfere with other parts inside the hub, such as ABS sensors or your parking brake mechanism. Wheel stud conversion kits are also available.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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