Turner Motorsport E36 M3 Tubular Control Arms Kit w/Roll Center Correction Kit - Race

Turner Motorsport
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Turner Motorsport E36 M3 Tubular Control Arms Kit w/Roll Center Correction Kit - Race
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Product Overview

Introducing Turner Motorsport newest product line, Turner Tubular Control Arms, for E36 owners!!

Turner Motorsport?control arms are designed in-house to be a longer, stronger, and lighter weight alternative to expensive (and boring) OEM replacements. If you're overhauling the front suspension on your E36, this is the right move for you!?

Turner?s race kit provides +10mm more track width (per side) than stock. Wider track width reduces the amount of?load transfer to the outside when cornering, increases cornering power, and allows more inner clearance for meaty wheel and tire setups or brake ducts.

Their Roll Center Correction Race Kit corrects your roll center and improves handling, it also provides increased steering response and bump steer correction. Thanks to the use of their rack limiters, you can maintain the same steering angle as before, while drastically decreasing steering wheel input. After the kit was installed on a E36 M3 test vehicle equipped with a Z3 2.7 turn lock to lock steering rack, it only required 2 full turns lock to lock. A reduction of 26%! Bump steer is also?correctable to virtually 0, thanks to spacers to adjust tie rods up or down. Z3 2.7 Steering Rack will require different rack spacers (see ES4213307).?When you lower a car, it drastically changes the geometry of the suspension. While lowering a car makes it handle better by lowering the center of gravity,?the roll center is negatively impacted, increasing the roll moment, which causes cornering forces to have more of an effect on the body roll of the vehicle. This is normally ignored because the stiffer lowering springs make the issue less noticeable, but ultimately grip is lost, and body roll is increased. Once the roll center has been corrected it is immediately apparent how much the performance of the vehicle had been suffering prior. By correcting the lower outer ball joint location with the Turner?Roll Center Correction Race Kit, the instantaneous center of rotation is raised, bringing the roll center much closer to the center of gravity, and significantly decreasing roll movement. This minimizes body roll, provides more grip, and ultimately leads to an improved and predictable driving feel.


Design Features and Benefits:

  • 4130 chromoly construction
  • Fully TIG welded design
  • OE style inner ball joint
  • FK spherical outer joint
  • Includes sway bar tab
  • Powder Coated finish


  • Race control arms provide 10mm increased track width per side compared to stock
  • (367mm from ball joint to ball joint)
  • More clearance inboard for tire/wheel/brake ducts


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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