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Turner Motorsport Polyurethane Front Control Arm Bushings - 80A - Pre-Installed In Brackets

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A softer option versus 95a poly, Turner's 80a provides more engaging handling for the enthusiast seeking a spirited driving experience.

Product Overview

The best way to improve handling and response to an E46 M3 is to start at the control arm. The OE bushings are designed more for road comfort than performance, meaning they're soft from the factory and cause all kinds of deflection. When you upgrade to a more stiff polyurethane bushing the control arm has a more direct connection to the vehicle taking the slop out of your handling increasing your precision. The Turner 80a bushings are mush stiffer than stock making this a perfect balance for an upgraded street car, providing enough comfort for the street with similar control you'd find in a solid mount.

The Turner Motorsport polyurethane separates itself from the competition by using a delrin sleeve to mate the control arm to the poly bushing. The delrin sleeve is not near as susceptible to deformation as other material used for poly FCAB's, meaning if you've ever had a pair of poly bushings that failed from the exhaust heat then Turner has you covered.?


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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