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Ultimate Timing Belt Kit | ES3969724

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Complete kit to service your timing belt, water pump with refundable core charge of $50, and thermostat

Product Overview

The experts at ECS Tuning have assembled the ultimate kit, including all the necessities, for your timing belt service. With everything you need for the job, it is guaranteed to go more smoothly. Timing belt service is imperative to ensure the longevity of your engine, keeping your engine in time and running properly. If the timing belt snaps it can cause major, and expensive, cylinder head and piston damage. Timing belt service is commonly performed at 75,000 miles or 7 years, whichever occurs first.

To save you from future unnecessary teardowns, though not required according to VW/Audi, ECS Tuning has included the water pump, thermostat, and accessory drive belts. Might as well do it all while it's apart, right?

Kit includes:

  • Timing Belt
  • Tensioner
  • Tensioner Roller
  • Idler Roller
  • Water Pump w/ Gasket & O-Rings (Featuring a Metal Impeller)
  • Water Pump Housing
  • Thermostat w/ O-Ring
  • Thermostat Housing
  • A/C Accessory Belt
  • Power Steering/Water Pump Accessory Belt
  • Alternator Accessory Belt
  • Front Camshaft Seal
  • Front Crankshaft Seal
  • Crank Pulley Hardware

Have all the tools you need to get the job done? Take a look through the Tool section to make sure you aren't missing anything important. After all, there's nothing worse than slowing down your job due to missing or incorrect tools.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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