VAG 1.8 2.0 TSI (MQB) Intake system, Hose do88, Blue hose, Filter

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Product Overview

Performance turbo air intake system VAG 1.8 2.0 TSI (MQB)!

This kit is designed for the demanding user with high power goals and want to keep a clean almost factory look intake system!

do88 performance air intake system eliminates the bottle necks in the factory air intake system. The bottom section of the factory airbox easily supports power levels up to 500hp. But the factory airbox lid and ducting to the turbo inlet are too restrictive for higher power levels.
Therefore do88 focused on eliminating the bottlenecks in the airbox lid and turbo inlet ducting. Our design features a one piece plastic molded upper air box lid with 3 1/8" (80mm) intake duct with perfectly smooth transitions to vastly reduce turbulence and restrictions before the turbo inlet.
This way we can keep the clean almost factory look air intake system and still support high power levels (up to 500hp), 100% bolt on without modifications to the car.

do88 air intake system has 44% better air flow than factory setup (Complete do88 intake system with BMC airfilter and do88 turbo inlet pipe). Verified in our own SuperFlow SF-1020 flow bench (See diagram below).

Our intake system is designed to improve the flow / lower the negative pressure and at the same time only draw cold air. Many aftermarket intake systems draw hot air from the engine bay, resulting in high IAT and therefore loss in power / performance. Our solution keeps the factory fresh air ducting system which is a true cold air intake.

do88 Performance Turbo intake system fits both car with and without secondary air injection (SAI) port in the air box lid.

As an option in this kit you can choose to include an upgrade BMC high-flow panel filter to replace the factory paper filter. This air filter offers increased flow and perfect filtration. Another option for this kit is to include the do88 3" turbo inlet pipe to further upgrade your turbo intake system. We recommend to use our Performance Turbo intake system with our 3?; inlet pipe as those are matched to each other for best possible uniform flow.

do88 performance turbo air intake system comes as a complete package with all parts needed for installation.

Click here for installation guide!

When you order this kit, there is three choices that has to be made:

1. Air filter:
Choose "BMC Panel filter" if you like to order your intake system with an matching air filter. '
Choose "Without filter" of you prefer to order the intake system without air filter.

2. Turbo inlet pipe:
Choose "With inlet pipe" if you want to include the do88 3" (76mm) Performance Turbo inlet pipe.
Choose "OEM" if you want the performance intake kit to fit with factory 2,75" (70mm) Turbo inlet pipe.
Choose "do88" if you want the performance intake kit to fit with do88 3" (76mm) Turbo inlet pipe.

3. Color:
Three different hose colors are available Blue / Black / Red. There are no performance difference between the different colors, choose which color you think will be best for your car.

Fits:VW Golf (MK7, MK7.5)
Model years: 2013-
Model: GTI, R, Clubsport, ED40, Golf, Sportwagen
Engine: 1.8 TSI, 2.0 TSI

VW Passat (3G)
Model years: 2015-
Engine: 1.8 / 2.0 TSI

VW Tiguan (MK2)
Model years: 2016-
Engine: 2.0 TSI

VW Arteon
Model years: 2017-
Engine: 2.0 TSI

VW Jetta GLI (MK7)
Model years: 2019-
Engine: 2.0 TSI

Audi A3 / S3 (8V)
Model years: 2012-
Engine: 1.8 TFSI, 2.0 TFSI

Audi TT / TTS (8S)
Model years: 2015-
Engine: 1.8 TFSI, 2.0 TFSI

SEAT Le?n / Cupra (MK3)
Model years: 2013-
Engine: 1.8 TSI, 2.0 TSI

Skoda Octavia / VRS (MK3)
Model years: 2013-
Engine: 1.8 TSI, 2.0 TSI

Skoda Superb (B8)
Model years: 2015-
Engine: 1.8 TSI, 2.0 TSI
OEM reference:
5Q0129607AC, 5Q0129620B, 5Q0129654P
5Q0129654AE, 5Q0129654L, 5Q0129635L
5Q0129635P, 5Q0129635Q, 5Q0129634P

This diagram shows the air flow at different pressure drops of do88 turbo air intake system compared to the OEM:

(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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