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Brake Pipe Repair Kit

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Needed to repair both rear portion brake lines

Product Overview

When you have one line burst and you loose your brakes from the rear, its a major problem, but this is fix! A complete kit to replace both rear factory lines which come unbent from the factory.  So you will have to use our special Schwaben tool that makes matching to the old line an easy task.  

This main lines connect to the rear brake line from the front and runs the full underbody of the vehicle.  Disconnects are right on the driver side near the oxygen sensor. 

Insider MINI tip** after install about once a year spray the lines that connect to the snap in clips and near the wheel well with penetrating fluid or a light grease to keep these new lines from rusting**


  • Both Genuine MINI rear brake lines (the ones that rust)
  • Schwaben brake pipe bending tool (to match the bends of the old lines)
  • ATE Type 200 brake fluid.  For a full flush
  • Compact European Pressure Brake Bleeder, perfect for a direct fit to you MINI master cylinder to bleed the system after replacing the lines. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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